28 April 2006

Growin' Up

Grups: the moniker given by New York Magazine writer Adam Sternbergh to 30, 40, and (gasp!) 50-somethings who look, talk, act, and dress like people who are 22 years old. From this "obituary for the generation gap": Being a Grup is about rejecting a hand-me-down model of adulthood that asks, or even necessitates, that you let go of everything that you ever felt passionate about. It's about reimagining adulthood as a period defined by promise, rather than compromise. Maybe there's hope for the parents that Ed Hamell (see post below) thinks are quick to put aside their passions. I, in part, find the labeling of this phenomenon kind of absurd. On the other hand, I feel like much less of a freak for introducing my kid to The National and being the oldest person at the Cordero show the other night...

Growin' Up, Bruce Springsteen


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